Tips When Getting Your Contractors License

Life as a contractor is good. The work is there, pay is great, and an assortment of benefits make the job a little more enticing. And of course no one can forget the work involved in the job. Each day offers something new and exciting. You enjoy hands-on work that improves other people’s lives. It is rewarding and fulfilling on top of plentiful for your life. But, getting a contractors license is the first step in earning the title of contractor.

getting a contractors license

When you’re ready to get the contractor’s license, you must apply for the Class contractor’s license you want. The class determines the monetary value of the projects you can handle. Class C contractors can be work on projects of smaller value while a Class A contractor can work on projects of any value and a Class B contractor a higher value than class C.

Once the class you want to work in has been classified, you’ll need to pass a required state examination. The exams ensure that you have the skills and expertise to practice the work that you want to perform. The tests deal with various components of contractor’s work, from technical and trade practices to business aspects, since many contractors go on to open their own business.  Contact The International Code Council (ICC) to learn dates and times of testing in your area.

You’ll need to purchase special insurance after successfully completing the examination. Work as a contractor oftentimes involves dangerous activities and large scale projects of high value. You need liability insurance in place to protect yourself against losses. You may also be required to be bonded.  This is protection for the customer in the event that you cannot complete a project satisfactory. The amount of insurance and surety bond that you need to purchase varies according to the type of projects you handle.

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